the butcher
The butcher
the butcher


7 ft.


180 lbs.


great cleaver

The Butcher is a humanoid creature much like Pyramid Head in design, behavior, and function. He is a well-built humanoid with a butcher's apron, which is almost completely covered in blood. He also wears a series of metal plates that cover the left half of his face and left shoulder. The other half of his face is fairly empty, save a deep hole where the ear would be on a human head, and it resembles that of Valtiel. His trademark weapon is a heavily oversized meat cleaver called the Great Cleaver.

The Butcher behaves much like Pyramid Head does, with his frequent slaughtering of various monsters. However, unlike Pyramid Head, The Butcher does not emulate any sexual acts on his victims. Also, whereas Pyramid Head's movement is very jerky and almost twitchy in nature, The Butcher's movements are always fluid and controlled, giving him a much more calm and focused appearance than the other monster.