SCP-106 - "Old Man"
SCP-106, mid-phasing


6 ft.


250 lbs.


corrosive touch

SCP-106, AKA the Old Man, is an extremely dangerous Keter-class humanoid currently under guard by the SCP Foundation. It appears to be an elderly male human at an advanced stage of decomposition. It remains in a dormant state for up to three months, simply waiting for prey. When it awakens from this dormancy, it will attack and abduct any potential prey items, with a preference for humans aged 10 to 25.

In the event of an escape, the Foundation will use an individual from the above age bracket. When ready, a major bone or tendon will be damaged in some way and the screams of agony broadcast across the facility, Should 106 not respond within 10-15 minutes, further physical trauma will be applied every twenty minutes. In some cases, the Foundation has had to use multiple lure subjects to recapture it.


  • Corrosive touch: SCP-106 corrodes any solid surface it touches. The corrosion starts several seconds after the object in question comes into contact with 106 and ends roughly six hours later.
  • Limited Interdimensional Travel: SCP-106 has access to its own pocket dimension. It uses this dimension to move through walls and to trap prey. The dimension itself is known to be some kind of labyrinth, but little else has been discovered.
  • Phasing: SCP-106 can phase through almost any solid matter. It's cell is made up of 40 layers of lead lined steel which he cannot walk through, meaning with the right and enough materials, 106's phasing is limited.
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