a puker


5 ft.


150 lbs.


claws,acid vomit

The Puker is a Necromorph . It is somewhat similar in appearance to the Slasher except that the Puker retains full use of its arms, and does not have elongated blades sprouting from its palms. The Puker's body keeps the general shape of its human host, however, its legs are twisted into a single one and intestines and nerves grow from the creature's side to form a second leg. Its fingers combine into three long claws on each hand. Its eyes are nothing but holes, its jaw melted and fused with its neck, freezing its face in a hollow, blank stare. On its torso, its lungs are clearly visible and yellow, storing a limited quantity of bile to be used at a moments notice, much like how the Infector carries its infectious sludge. What remains of the flesh on the Puker's body is hanging loosely around its body. The creature's constant messy expulsion of caustic fluids has melted away its facial features and the skin and muscle tissue of its torso, revealing its intestines.

The Puker has four forms of attacks: the first is shooting a ball of bile over a long distance which burns and prevents those who are hit by it from running. The Puker's second attack is a projected stream of corrosive bile toward its prey at a medium to close range. The third is the common slash using its disfigured claws, and the fourth is a grapple attack in which the Puker grabs you by the head and arm before vomiting on your neck and mouth in order to remove your head. The Puker also sports a unique defense mechanism whereby their severed appendages spurt similarly corrosive fluid upon dismemberment.