peruvian vipertooth
Peruvian vipertooth
a peruvian vipertooth


10 ft.


2 tons.


fangs,claws,fire breath

The Peruvian Vipertooth is a dragon native to eastern and north-eastern Peru. Its scales are smooth and copper-coloured. It also has black ridge-markings and short horns on its head. Like the Norwegian Ridgeback , its fangs are venomous. It is the smallest known breed of dragon, about fifteen feet (five metres) long and able to conceal itself well from Muggles.

The Vipertooth feeds on goats and cows, but is notorious for its particular craving for humans. In the late 19th century, Vipertooth numbers once went on an alarming increase and became a serious threat to wizards and Muggles alike. The International Confederation of Wizards was forced to send an extermination squad in to reduce the Vipertooth population.

Dragonologist Harvey Ridgebit was the first person to catch a Peruvian Vipertooth