Abiorugu subspecies
a Giaorugu


20 ft.


6 tons.


teeth,tail,ice breath

Giaorugu is a bipedal Brute Wyvern that inhabits the Polar Sea. Its upper body is covered with freezing blue spinal plate, light blue scaly hide, and a blueish white underbelly. The two head crests of Abiorugu have fused together to form one larger, stronger crest ringed with spines; it also has a long snout, spikes that grow on its jaw, and 2 long fangs protruding from its jaw. Its legs are muscular and powerful, like all Brute Wyverns, and reinforced with spines. Giaorugu's tail is large, slim, and resembles a blade. It is also unique; when slammed into the ground, it will become encrusted with ice, which makes all attacks with the tail more far reaching and powerful. Its head-plate spikes, jaw spikes, claws, toes, diamond-shaped spikes, and tail blade are light yellow in color.It is capable of using Ice-based attacks, whereas the original Abiorugu uses Fire. Giaorugu is also capable of cartwheeling its body and rolling forward to attack in a wheel-like fashion similar to that of Uragaan . It can shoot an ice beam, similar to Ukanlos , and utilise its jaw to throw an ice boulder, similar to how Deviljho throws rocks.Giaorugu is an active Brute Wyvern predator. It is aggressive and more than willing to battle any perceived threat that enters its territory.
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