an exploder


6 ft.


180 lbs.


explosive arm

Exploders are Necromorphs that act as suicide bombers, much like Crawlers . Their most prominent feature is the large, glowing pustule attached to their left arm, which is filled with a highly explosive chemical substance. Exploders are apparently created from one whole human body that has been radically twisted. The cranium of the creature is split open vertically in half, no longer hosting a brain, rather tissue mass that holds the two pieces together. This fact further proves that Necromorph organisms no longer rely on their host's body nervous system, or any other system vital for living organisms. The left arm of the creature has become stiff, no longer having any articulation points, except for the shoulder joint. A large pustule, filled with a glowing liquid chemical substance, has developed at the arm's end, making it rather heavy. This substance is extremely reactive to blunt force, resulting in powerful explosions when the work of a force applied on it surpasses a certain threshold.

To counter the weight of the left arm, the Exploder's right arm and legs have been properly transformed in a way that moves the creature's center of mass away from the massive pustule, thus allowing for a slightly more balanced walk.

More specifically, the right forearm has been extensively prolonged and strengthened in order to act as a leg. Meanwhile the human legs, have now fused and twisted together forming a unified muscular limb, which mainly serves for the creature's locomotion. Although Exploders move sluggishly in general, they are capable of displaying surprising bursts of speed when they have sufficiently closed the distance between themselves and their intended targets.

Once an Exploder is within close range, it will swing its pustule right into its victim or the ground, resulting in a deadly explosion for anything caught in the blast radius, including the Exploder itself.

Due to their suicidal attack and relatively slow movement, they often attack in large groups in an attempt to overwhelm their target.

Their presence can be easily detected by the sounds they make when they are within vicinity, however they do not seem to communicate with each other via vocal cues, like Stalkers do.

In general, Exploders are one of the most efficient Necromorph variants, with the ability to kill multiple people at the same time.