an amatsumagatsuchi


24 ft.


5 tons.


grand vortex beam,claws,teeth

. It spends most of the time airborne and is capable of unleashing devastating beams of concentrated wind and water. It seems to possess the ability to manipulate storms and wind, as it is surrounded by a hurricane wherever it goes. It has been sighted above the Mountain Stream, attacking an airship manned by a Hunter and his comrades.

In battle, Amatsumatgatsuchi hovers above the ground. Its movements are reminiscent of fighting the Leviathans underwater, and many of its attacks are similar to those used by them, such as the charge, tail whip, and roar animations. He also has a wind barrier around his body, though it doesn't cause the hunter or attacks to be deflected, unlike Kushala Daora's wind barrier. However, Ballista shots will be somewhat less effective as long as the barrier remains active. The barrier is somewhat less stable than Kushala Daora's, as it temporarily disappears when Amatsumagatsuchi uses certain attacks.

When angered, his eyes begin to glow, and when Amatsumagatsuchi is damaged enough, it will enter a second state of rage: its horns will shine in a golden glow and the whole body will be covered with purple markings as the storm around it intensifies. This second rage state means that Amatsumagatsuchi will become far more aggressive and use its most powerful attacks, but unlike White Fatalis and its armor mode, its head will take more damage instead of less (the defense of all of its other parts remains the same).

One of its most dangerous attacks is when it creates a small twister that begins to suck in the hunter, then hits them hard with a tornado-shrouded charge. Even if the first main twister is avoided, he will revolve around the second twister, encompassing a wider area with every revolution. If the hunter is close enough when hit, it will cause him/her to fly back into the twister. The second twister will remain on the field for several seconds before disappearing and can still damage the hunter.