agitator majini
Agitator majini
an agitator majini


6 ft.


140 lbs.



This particular Majini , nicknamed "The Agitator", is best recognized by his trademark sunglasses and megaphone.

He stands atop the execution block, ordering the beheading of those captured while shouting through his megaphone.

After he and everybody else were infected with the plagas  parasite, he was convinced that the Majini must drive the "invaders" out of their home. He ordered the beheading of the outsiders, including BSAA members.

The Agitator seems to be able to absorb somewhat more damage than the average Town Majini. The exact reason for this ability is unknown. Other than his durability, he acts just like a regular town Majini, attempting to bludgeon you with his megaphone, and doesn't pose much more of a threat. His body disintegrates after death.