an acromantula


8 ft.


200 lbs.



The Acromantula are a species of giant spider, native to the rainforests of south america, particularly Borneo where it inhabits dense jungle. Acromantulas are believed to be a wizard-bred species, designed to guard dwellings or treasure hoards, and were first created before the Ban on Experimental Breeding in 1965. These giant spiders, with a taste for human flesh, were first spotted in 1794.

Acromantulas have eight eyes, are highly intelligent and capable of human speech. They are typically covered in thick black hair, with a leg span that can reach up to fifteen feet. They possess a set of giant fangs which they use to eat live prey of mammals or their own dead kin. The pincers produce a clicking sound when the beast is agitated or excited. These fangs contain highly toxic venom, valued at 100 Galleons a pint, which is even potent for a short time after death. Their eggs are Class A Non-Tradeable Material.

The female is usually larger than the male, and can lay up to one hundred soft, wide, beach ball-sized eggs at a time. They usually hatch in six to eight weeks. Despite the names bearing a phonetic similarity to Tarantulas, they appear more like Wolf Spiders and are, in all depictions, araneomorphae.

Acromantulas tend to reside in jungles and heavily forested areas, and their webs are large and dome-shaped